Julia School

Where Morals and Manners Meet

1 Child + 1 Chance = Many Choices

Not every child has the same opportunities. Cultural, economic and family situations can often prevent even the brightest child from reaching their potential. Without the life-skills they need to succeed, they are unprepared for opportunities.

Most of us know right from wrong and understand the importance of being polite. Some children never hear about such things.
Although educational and social services meet some of the basic needs, many children have no way to learn important life skills.

The School

Julia School steps in to provide these life skills: the kind of skills that will define whether the child can get and hold a job, maintain a relationship, and live as a productive member of the community.

Julia School is an environment where children grow, and bloom, and soar to new heights. One child at a time, in a caring and safe environment.

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